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What is a pediatric dentist?

Hi friends!

We are excited to answer some of your most commonly asked questions over the next few weeks. Lets start with the question that is asked the most often,

“What is a pediatric dentist?”


Aside from being the MOST awesome, coolest defender and protector of baby teeth in town, a pediatric dentist is a specialist in the growth and development of children and how that relates to their dental needs.

Teeth, Tonsils and everything in between. How are they related?

As a pediatric dentist, we look at the complete child including their medications, dietary habits, medical conditions and risk factors to provide the best, most comprehensive care.

For example, mouth breathing, thumb sucking and enlarged tonsils and adenoids… these are all common issues children encounter that directly effect their growth and development. When children can’t breathe properly out of their nose (mouth breathers) over time they develop an elongated facial structure. The musculature in the face exerts force on the bones as they grow and causes the mid face and lower face to become narrow and elongated, this narrow facial structure can in turn lead to a constricted upper jaw which can cause a posterior cross bite.

Did you know that a common side effect of some of the most widely prescribed ADHD medications for children is dry mouth, which directly increases your child’s risk of decay?

These are just a few examples of how pediatric dentists treat children and not just teeth!

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“How do you become a pediatric dentist?”

  1. First, you attend 4 years of college to receive a Bachelors Degree.
  2. Then, you attend 4 years of dental school to become a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS).
  3. To top it off, pediatric dentists then spend an additional 2 years after dental school in a residency program that focuses specifically on the unique needs of children as well as individuals with complex medical histories and special health care needs. These additional 2 years of concentrated studies are critical to the comprehensive care of kids as they grow and develop.


So… if you are doing the math on all that school 4+4+2= 1 Pediatric Dentist with a super fun personality and an expert on all of the latest and greatest ways to treat and prevent cavities in kids!

Your pediatric dentist, Dr. Brittany, can’t wait to see you and get to know your family!



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